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Centre For Probe Development and Commercialization




The Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization is tackling Canada’s growing health care needs and introducing groundbreaking innovations to the Canadian molecular imagingmarket.

From reliably meeting daily demands for Glucovision® (18F-FDG), to developing and commercializing new probes, tohelping Canadians cope with shortages of medical isotopes, CPDC plays an important role in our health care system. Molecular imaging probes and associated technologies have the potential to revolutionize health care. This powerful technology can be used to accelerate and support drug discovery and the development of new therapies by providing researchers and physicians with the unique opportunity to precisely track the movement and effectiveness of drugs in the body. Molecular imaging probes also enable doctors to accurately identify disease, monitor response to treatment and offer personalized treatments that are tailored to the way a disease is progressing and responding within a patient. This approach can lead to better outcomes for patients, lower health care costs and reduced surgical procedures and biopsies.